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All in One App: Documentation

For version 2.1.1 (3 April 2019)
Written by _pi_ a.k.a. boobs_luver


The All in One App is a full-featured Chaturbate app. It has functionality to assist hosts in running their room, moderators to help the host and users to have a pleasant time.

Effort has been made to optimize the All in One App as much as possible. All code, form field settings and output in chat is clean and concise. Especially the launch form is kept as simple and short as possible, while still allowing full configuration and freedom to customize almost everything — all within the restrains of what Chaturbate makes possible.

Hopefully everything is self-explanatory, but in case something is not, this documentation should help you understand every little detail of the All in One App.


An overview of the All in One App features:

  • Multiple toy info support - Customized tip levels for several toys
  • Rotating shuffled notifier - A set of messages cycling randomly
  • Tip menu (unlimited items) - A list of items users can tip for, no limits
  • Tip goal (single and repeating) - Goals for all users to tip towards
  • Configurable info panel - Define what you want to see in the info panel
  • PM in chat (whispering) - Allow people to send private messages in chat
  • Tippers Leader board - Keep track of a short list of highest tippers
  • Single/Total high tippers - Keep track of highest single and highest total
  • Auto thanks notices - A set of automatic thank-you messages for tipping users
  • Room welcome message - A special welcome message for your audience
  • Simple countdown timer - Use a timer, when needed
  • User's tipped amount in chat - Show a user's total tip amount in their chat messages
  • Dynamic help system - A built-in help system that adapts to settings and users
  • And more... - With much more coming...

All in One App has no auto-moderate functionality for grays. Using word lists is an insufficient method of trying to fight spam. In most cases context is lost. For example, banning the word "boobs" will hide or silence someone saying "those are nice boobs", which would be a positive comment.

That being said, if you still want some form of automatic spam protection, while allowing grays to speak in your room, there are some bots that do a pretty decent job at it, while working well with All in One App: The Anti Spam Bot, No Grey Spammers, Shut It.


To start using the All in One App, navigate to the Apps & Bots tab, below the video area within the Chaturbate broadcasting page. Once there, click the Choose an App link.

In the popup window that will appear, you will find a search box. Enter: All in One App and click Search.

In the search results that show up, you should find the All in One App, made by _pi_. Before clicking the Launch App button, click the title instead!

Next, the app details page should show up. Make sure to click the Add To Favorites button, so it will be easy to find the All in One App again, should the need arrive.

Now you may navigate to the Launch App tab, where the launch form will appear. Each section of this form will be explained in the following chapters. But first a word about the modular setup of All in One App.


The All in One App is divided into several modules, each containing a specific feature or functionality. When the app is launched, a form is presented with setup options for each of the modules. During a cam session chat commands are available to alter settings or perform actions. The following chapters will explain form fields and chat commands for each module.

NOTE: Due to a shortcoming in Chaturbate, information these modules collect and use will be lost upon restart. It is strongly advised not to restart the app during a cam session.

At this time, all commands are available to the host and moderators, and only some to the users. Make sure that you, as a host, trust your moderators, because some commands are powerful.

The first time the app is started, the form fields will contain defaults and examples. Please review all fields carefully and personalise everything to your own liking!

NOTE: The All in One App contains a notice for, a service that notifies people through Twitter DM's, Telegram and Email when broadcasters go online. This notice is only shown to users that have tipped recently or during the current cam-session. Anonymous users see a notice in the info Panel. This helps the broadcasters, the users and possibly me.