The Notifier module allows you to show messages in chat, reminding your visitors of the rules in your room, to follow you on social media, or whatever you like.

Notifier: Form Fields


Like the other modules, the Notifier module may be completely disabled by setting Use notifier to No. It can be enabled during a cam-session by using the /toggle notifier command.

With the Interval time you can specify how often a message should be shown in public chat. The interval time is in minutes and may be entered as a fraction or in min:sec notation. So, for example, both 2.5 and 2:30 represent two and a half minutes.

Setting the Interval time to 0 will effectively disable the displaying of the notices.

Use the fields Notice 1 through Notice 10 for your messages. Empty fields are ignored. Every cycle the messages are shuffled so the order is never the same.