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You can find me on Twitter here: @_pi_


v1.0 (Sep 2018)
  • Initial release as custom Katyapp
v1.1 (19 Oct 2018)
  • Fixed bug when resetting single goals
  • Fixed leaderboard and hightipper crowns
  • Adjusted format of auto "thank you" notices and tip-levels
v1.2 (6 Nov 2018)
  • Private notice for user's first tip
  • Private notice for users that have tipped 25+ tokens
  • Auto-thanks and private notices now accept {user}
1.3 (7 Nov 2018)
  • Added Timer app
1.4 (13 Dec 2018)
  • Initial release as non-custom All in One App
  • Timer now accepts + and - signs to adjust a running timer
  • Turned rotating notifier into a shuffled notifier
  • Changed layout of tip levels
1.5 (20 Dec 2018)
  • Relaxed the format of the tip menu, tip levels and auto-thanks notices
  • Shortened the tip menu to 10 lines, it can now handle multiple items on a single line
1.6 (23 Dec 2018)
  • Provided some more examples/default values in the launch form - review carefully at first launch
2.0, 2.0rc1, 2.0rc2, 2.0rc3 (27 March 2019)

Release 2.0 went through several Release Candidates over a period of several weeks, introducing several new features, plus making all code even more stable and some internal rewiring.

  • Configurable info panel
  • Whisper feature
  • Room welcome message
  • Dynamic help system
  • Modules can now be turned on or off dynamically
  • Added commands: /modules and /toggle
  • All intervals and times now accept notations 2.5 and 2:30
  • Reset default intervals to primes to prevent TMI
  • When host/mod calls info commands, intervals are reset
  • Added IRC-like commands: /me and /away, just for fun
  • Added command: /goalinfo
  • Auto-thanks may now be send privately
  • Much internal restructuring and reinforcement
  • All input parsers are even more lenient and "fool-proof" :)
2.1 (29 March 2019)
  • Added /prefix command
  • Added background colors for host, mods, fans
2.1.1 (3 April 2019)
  • Fixed bug: an empty room subject would not initialize the app
  • Fixed bug: an error message in the timer module was broadcast publicly