Colors / Styles

The Colors / Styles module gives you control over the colors and text style for all information notices used throughout the All in One App. Currently all modules use these same color settings to make everything look uniform.

Colors / Styles: Form Fields


Fields are available for the Text color and Background color of all notices. The colors must be entered in so-called hexadecimal format, like the default color. Colors and their HEX notation can be found on, patetton and htmlcolorcodes.

It is advised to leave the background color empty, so that it will be transparent. This works much friendlier in Chaturbate's theatre modes.


Additionally it is possible to set the background color for the chat messages of three user classes: the broadcaster (YOU), the moderators and fan club members. This feature only exists to let these users stand out in chat. You may leave any of these fields empty. The provided default background colors match Chaturbate's color for the user names of these classes.