The Timer module has commands to set and view the timer, which is a basic countdown. It may be used in cases where you have tip menu items like "Naked for 10 minutes", or "Control toy for 5 minutes", or things like that. There is only a single timer (currently).

Timer: Commands

/timer and /countdown (host, mods)

With this single command — that is available for hosts and moderators only — you can set, reset, adjust and stop a timer. The command expects one argument: the time in minutes, which may be provided as a fraction or in min:sec notation. So, for example, both 2.5 and 2:30 represent two and a half minutes.

To set a countdown of one and a half minutes:

_pi_: /timer 1.5 Notice: _pi_ set the timer to 1 minute, 30 seconds
_pi_: /timer 1:30 Notice: _pi_ set the timer to 1 minute, 30 seconds

To adjust a running timer, provide either a positive or negative argument to the /timer command, like so:

_pi_: /timer +.5 Notice: _pi_ reset the timer to 1 minute, 21 seconds
_pi_: /timer -0:30 Notice: _pi_ reset the timer to 36 seconds
NOTE: Make sure NOT to add a space between the + or - sign and the time.

A running timer can also be reset to another time:

_pi_: /timer 2 Notice: _pi_ set the timer to 2 minutes
_pi_: /timer 5 Notice: _pi_ reset the timer to 5 minutes

Before a timer runs out, it will show some notices in public chat at certain points: 10 mins, 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins, 1 min, 30 secs, 10 secs before the timer finishes. For example:

Notice: 1 minute left on timer!

A timer can be stopped or canceled by simply providing a time of 0 minutes:

_pi_: /timer 0 Notice: _pi_ stopped the timer

/time and /showtime (host, mods, users)

Shows the time left, in case a timer is running:

random_user: /time Notice: 4 minutes, 57 seconds left on timer!

When this command is executed by the broadcaster or a moderator, the notice will be shown publicly, when run by a user, the notice is shown privately — as with the other info commands.